My name is  Mara Marte

a designer who loves 

communicating inovatively.

Although I grew in Sintra

and lift off in FBAUL,

my skills are in space,

my mind is in mars

and my feet on Earth.

Im lucky to do what I love,

Im constantly self-learning

so, my design portfolio

is enriched by the mix of

my different capabilities.

Good conversations,

sharing new ideas,

is always very enriching,

so it would be great to see

you at the next one!

[ What can you find in my space ] 

Multidisciplinary issues Im in orbit with.

[ Accomplished missions ] 

Volunteering in Plunc New Media Festival 2015

Volunteering in Open House Lisboa 2015

Frequent Sport competitions and 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes

volleyball, gymnastics, athletics, solo / group trampolins

Writing/poetry competitions 1st and 3rd prize

Frequent multidisciplinary workshops

Poetry performances

[ In progress missions ] 



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